Quartermaster Order



All non-consumable equipment is ordered through the council quartermaster committee. The council maintains equipment for district and council events at various locations around the council.  The council is divided into quartermaster zones which are different from the divisions.

Order Quartermaster Equipment

Quartermaster Contacts


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Council Quartermaster (QM) Scott Larson
Assistant Council QM Brad Gresham
West Zone QM (BC, CH, DC, MU, TS) Russell Williams
South Zone QM (AQ, BZ, NS, TT, TB, TW) Mehrdad Ghofraniah
South Zone Assistant QM  Dennis Olheiser
East Zone QM (RV, SJ) Ed Racicot
East (FA) David Godell
East (SK)  
North Zone 2 QM (IH/TL/GS) Marianne VanRyder
North Zone QM Kevin Ready
Scoutreach QM Clinton Watkins
Central (AP, WD)  
Frontier Zone QM (AM, BH)  
QM Staff Advisor Vincent Manning
QM Office Assistant Donna Burke
Cub Scouts Shooting Sports Committee Tony Franco
Cub Scouts Shooting Sports Committee       Becca Franco